Welcome to AK Fabrication, Andover

AK Fabrication specialise in providing cost-effective, high quality aluminium welding and fabrication services.

Based in Andover, Hampshire, we have many years of experience in the production and supply of items required to manufacture specialist vehicles; such as those produced by our parent company Advanced KFS Special Vehicles Ltd.

Our in-house AutoCAD designers will interpret your requirements with precision, whilst our skilled workforce is guaranteed to produce your items accurately and efficiently.

Working to high standards of quality, we offer full traceability and compliance, as well as working to the latest manufacturing and supply processes.

Our Fabrication Services

  • Aluminium Welding Services (MIG/TIG)

    With versatility and quality at its centre, we offer both MIG and TIG aluminium welding services; offering a faster, better weld, whatever your needs

  • Aluminium Fabrication Services

    Durable, malleable, and easy to repair, our aluminium fabrication services offer you an accurate, long-lasting solution at a comparatively low cost.

  • CNC Profiling

    Computer Numerical Control (CNC) profiling allows for the manufacture of high volume, high precision designs, with a high quality finish.

  • Steel Fabrication Services

    Cost effective and easy to repair, our steel fabrication services provide you with an accurate, durable solution at a comparatively low cost.

  • Cutting Services

    Using the highest quality equipment available, our cutting service provides you with the accuracy and attention to detail you need, every time.

  • CAD Services

    Fast, efficient, accurate and traceable, our CAD services give you the very best design, at an affordable price, and within a timescale that works for you.

  • One-off to large batch

    Whether you require the fabrication of a single vehicle or entire fleet, our flexible and highly skilled designers & workforce are on-hand to accommodate your unique needs.

  • CNC Forming

    Computer Numerical Control (CNC) forming allows for the accurate, effortless transfer of your designs onto multiple vehicles & surfaces at any one time.

  • Steel Welding Services (MIG/TIG)

    Durable and secure, we offer both MIG and TIG steel welding services; an accurate, long-term solution, whatever your needs.

  • CNC Punching

    Computer Numerical Punching (CNC) is both a smart and cost effective way of stamping metal to a CAD generated design - ensuring accurate, stunning results, fast.

  • Sawing Services

    Our sawing service offers you precision sawing and production cutting of a range of different materials; providing a holistic approach to all your fabrication needs.

  • Commercial Vehicle Body Building Repairs

    Ensuring your vehicles remain in immaculate condition, and your brand strong, our skilled workforce are on hand to carry out detailed bodywork repairs.

  • Packing and Delivery

    Our packing & delivery services ensures you receive your products safely and securely, at a time and place that’s convenient to you.